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Imran Khan – A Love Story

On May 16 1995, Imran Khan at the age of 43, married 21-year-old Jemima Goldsmith in a two-minute ceremony in Paris. A month later, they legally remarried again at the Richmond Registry in the United Kingdom. The couple has two sons, Suleiman Isa and Kasim. The couple divorced on June 22 2004. Jemima announced that she had ended her nine-year marriage because she found it difficult to adapt to her life in Pakistan. End of story?

Not at all!

Imran Khan the beginning

Chapter 1

The first woman in his life was Mrs. Shaukat Khanum, his mother. She rose to the fame when Khan constructed first of it’s kind, a cancer hospital in her name for the poor. The first chapter in his life as a book of love ever written shall belong to his mother, who injected him with super power of love for the mankind. And super powers come with greater responsibilities, she told him. She was an ordinary woman with extra ordinary motherly traits.

Although Khan told us that he accepted Islam in his 40’s turning towards Sufism and learning Quran. But the first lesson that he received was from her mother during childhood. She taught him that no one is superior to anyone based on caste, creed and color (Islam’s anti-racism message from 7th centuries that comes to us from Quran).

Khan’s mother, Shaukat Khanam, was born in Jalandhar before the division of India. He often acknowledges the achievements of his mother. She played a deep and influential role in his upbringing. She used to tell him stories of partitioning era about how they migrated to Pakistan and how important the freedom is to the mankind. These stories were at the age when common mothers usually sing lullaby.

Chapter 2

The second chapter of his life as a book of love belongs to his country Pakistan. This love was also transfused into his body by mother Shaukat Khanum. For him Pakistan should be state where justice could be served to everyone regardless of their financial or social background. He dreams of a country where a social system is placed for everyone having equal opportunities to grow and contribute towards. And, Justice is served

But this is not a piece of politics; this is his life as book of love. Following pictures shows how much love and care he feels about his countrymen. A Prime Minister sharing dinner table with poor fellows.

Some Other achievements

United Nations terms Ehsaas as international best practice – Daily Times October 2021. A long list of achievements of Khan as Prime Minister of the country can be found here.

This is not the politics rather examples of his care for his nation. Whenever khan speaks tourism, he praises Pakistan and it’s natural beauty which is even better than any other country, in his opinion.

Imran Khan also established a college of technology called Namal College in the Mianwali district on April 27, 2008. It is an associate to the University of Bradford, England. The Imran Khan Foundation is another charity for helping the poor across Pakistan.

He has earned respect and delivered it back to Pakistan. How deep do you want to measure his love for his country? Super powers comes with greater responsibilities, as his mother told him.

Chapter 3

The third chapter of his life as a book of love belongs to his passion towards sports and representing his nation around the world in the field of cricket. Once khan publicly told that the best moment for him has always been listening to National Anthem being played in the stadium of touring country in front of huge crowd.

Never give up, is his mantra to succeed. Fear of failure should never let you down. Come back, try harder and lead by example is the only way to win against all odds. He is the true example of what Napoleon Hill once said “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

As a bowler, Khan initially bowled at a moderate pace with relatively chest movements. However, he worked hard to transform his action into a more classic type and strengthen his physique to enable fast bowling. Khan achieved his prime as a fast bowler in January 1980 and became a thoroughbred fast bowler in 1988. As a cricketer, especially as a bowler you can well image how hard-work was in place to achieve this milestone in his career. He never bowled a “no-ball” in his career, how determined and responsible he was. Super powers comes with greater responsibilities, as his mother told him.

Imran Khan as a captain

It was time to lead the team of his country and transfer knowledge and skills to younger generation. So he led from the front. At the peak of his career in 1982, 30-year-old Khan took over the captain of the Pakistani cricket team from Javed Miandad. Khan led them to a test victory in the UK for the first time in 28 years of Pakistan cricket. He himself outperformed with both bowling and batting averages in three test series against England in 1982. In 1987, in India, Khan led Pakistan to the first victory of the test series, followed by the victory of Pakistan’s first series in the United Kingdom in the same year. 

The peak of Khan’s career as a captain and cricket player came when he led Pakistan to victory at the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Khan, who was playing on the fragile batter side, was promoted as batter to play with Javed Miandad in the top spot, but his contribution as a bowler was minimal. At the age of 39, Khan himself took the last wicket to win.

In a TV show as a guest answering to the question of the host regarding marriage, he claimed serving for nation as a cricketer has much responsibilities than to consider getting marriage. For him wife would need attention, respect and care which he cannot justify while serving for the nation as a cricketer. Super powers comes with greater responsibilities, as his mother told him. 


Chapter 4

The forth chapter of his life as a book of love belongs to his ideology towards Islam and following of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islam used to be the property of Mullas with long beard but clean shaved Khan broke this myth. He talks about the subject more frequently and effectively even better than many religious figures in Pakistan. He believes in Islam as a way of life rather than only collection of ritual duties. He claims that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the only role model human being in his life. He aspires to follow the guidelines set by Islamic supreme leader Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Earlier, Islam was associated with terrorism and extremism in the minds of many non-muslims in the world until 15th March 2022. He persuaded and convinced the United Nations that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lives in the hearts of billions of Muslims living on planet earth and Islam has nothing to do with terrorism rather it blocks and punishes the act of terror. International Day To Combat Islamophobia is an international observance designated by United Nations in 2022, taking place on 15 March every year in 140 countries worldwide. The purpose of observing this day is to show the true face of Islam to those who hate Islam. Thus, Khan has become the first and only Islamic leader to represent the true identity of Islam in the world since the establishment of the United Nations organization.

Aspiration of social welfare state

Khan is also the only Islamic leader in the world who aspires Pakistan to be like the State of Madina at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the 7th century . His vision is greatly misinterpreted by majority of the people in the country and abroad. His vision is to establish rule of law and social security system for the nation, which is of course the responsibility of state government. However, nation has the greater responsibility to respond and fulfill the collective dream by making sacrifices and respect human rights of their national brothers and sisters. Nation has to stop lying and cheating, and start caring, loving and cooperating with others. (the details about the subject can be found under “Haqooq ulabaad” chapter in Islamic Studies)

Khan like a father of the nation wants to teach his countrymen what was taught to him by his mother. Super powers comes with greater responsibilities.

Imran Khan - A fairy tale

The love is a pure feeling in human’s life. It is not always getting what you want, sometimes you have to sacrifice and let it go for the good self of the person you love. Love is the name of giving what you have, to the person you love. And “by giving” does not mean granting money, collectables, luxuries or any material thing. It means giving admiration, consideration, politeness and attentiveness. Be a real man, and give her shelter with care and freedom of her existence. Let her be her.

And, this is Khan when it comes to be a husband. Who chose 21-years-old Jemima Goldsmith to be a mother of his children on May 16 1995. It was a fairy-tale of Jemima Goldsmith, becoming Mrs. Khan of a man with super powers of love, respect and care. You can see dreams come true in her lit up eyes.

She moved to Pakistan and adopted culture of the country. She preferred wearing eastern clothes over western and even tasting local spicy food. During one of the dinners she insisted to eat spicy food while Khan was asking with care not to … Oh so cute. She stood by side of her man in his philanthropic projects and even politics. You can see smiling Jemima sitting next to Princes Diana – a visiting chief guest from royal family of United Kingdom, to inaugural and fund raising ceremony of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. How cute those three were at that time wearing Pakistani cultural dresses.

Last Chapter

On 18 November 1996, Suleiman Isa Khan was born to charismatic couple of that time. Khan said that it was the happiest moment in his life to become a father. Three years later, Qasim Khan second son of the couple was born on 10 April 1999. A normal happy life was going on for the family in Lahore, Pakistan. Jemima was still standing by his side in all his social love commitments.

In 1999, the climax changed when she was charged with illegally exporting Islamic Era Antique tiles, by Khan’s political opponents. She was not aware of such unethical tactics by the political rivalry and got devastated. Although those charges were dropped by the court later on as no illegality was found. But it changed her altogether. She tried to cope up with challenging circumstances due to her husband’s political commitments and unethical behaviour of opponents.

On June 22, 2004, it was announced that the couple had divorced because “Jemima had difficulty adapting to Khan’s political life  in Pakistan”. “It was the saddest day in Khan’s life ever”. Khan preferred his nation over his immediate family. It was separation of the couple but true love and respect for each other remained in their hearts, forever. Khan gave her all she wanted and she gave him beautiful nine-years of happy marriage and two handsome Khan Juniors.

Although a fairy tale ended in 2004, but Khan’s Love Story shall continue and stay forever after, and you will witness every time when you see a happy face of cancer cured patient getting discharged from Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

The last chapter of the life of Khan as a book of love belongs to his family. Super powers comes with greater responsibilities, as his mother told him.

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