Architecture 3D Rendering in a digital time of 2022?

Architecture has become the talk of the town, a very interactive subject nowadays. Every other person knows about it and would like to get his/her home interior exterior design accordingly. The design essence and concept building by architects or designers have no scope of hope to develop in these times.

Today, the best architects use various rendering tools like 3Ds Max, Revit, Sketchup, Lumion, etc. to show their skills, and improve building interior exterior designs, and their renderings. There are many websites designed specifically for architects to compare their work with others and to draw inspiration from. 

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Visualising Architecture

Some prefer photorealism, and others create environments based on real locations, whatever the approach might be they do it to satisfy their clients. Architectural rendering has become important not just to architecture firms, but to all design offices, engineering firms and construction companies. Creating amazing, believable 3D visualizations of unbuilt work has become a joint effort to promote the construction, real estate and design industry as a whole, not just the people who own the intellectual property. Perhaps it’s always been this way, but it seems that the influx in software technology, online connectivity, and talented 3D artists has made way for a revolution in how we experience unbuilt projects.

Design competitions are obvious. While the concept behind the design is the most important aspect of a successful selection for a specific job, the visual representation and explanation of that concept is a close second. It’s the first and last thing people will remember about your submission and must be professionally crafted and articulated in order to give the idea behind it all the credibility it deserves.

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Since the design competition is quite a lot so architects would be needing various platforms to excel in their careers and have stabilised source of income. In order to have a much more remote working environment after COVID, many converted to digital working on dozens of freelancing websites. Which in return caused saturation of sellers. But still, it became really convenient for architects living in 2022. Thus good architects should always know how to do 3D renders.

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