Are You Sure A Sage Of Media Diet Helping?

Since, the information explosion in 21st century, people have turned a blind eye to the critical thinking and they are just enjoying the perks of media convergence. People are unable to realize that they need to make sage choices, when it comes to media diet or media consumption. In order to make sage choices people need to figure out that why advertisers, bloggers, influencers and opinion makers entice people to buy their fictions beliefs, opinion and thoughts. Which is why some people are unable to distinguish between the world of fantasy from real world. 

Is internet media killing?

A 16 years old boy named Muhammad Zakaraya committed suicide because he couldn’t complete his mission in PUBG, online game. People now know that information is one-click away. That is why they think that whatever information they get on internet is correct and they don’t even bother to verify it.  When students use internet to research their school, college and university projects, they mostly rely on the first hand information they get. They do not bother to verify the same information from different websites. As a result they are unable to identify the bias and political spin.

What is important to understand is that the people who have become competent, literate and critical in all media forms so that they can control the interpretation of what they see or hear rather than allowing the interpretation control them.  An advertisement of Israeli clothing company showed an Israel model, Ms Refaeli ripping off her niqab and head scarf. Then dancing on the voice-over that stated “Freedom is Basic”.

The dilemma of advertisement

The hidden agenda behind the advertisement was to convince the audience that ripping off niqab is freedom. But, in short, it discriminated Muslim women, who observe veil. Whether we are watching news or advertisements, we need to understand that the message, which is being delivered is constructed to gain the attention of people. And it does not mean to follow it up without verification and beyond respective culture.

Government of Pakistan started polio eradication campaign. The campaign aimed to encourage people to vaccinate their children but large portion of Pakistan general population didn’t vaccinate. The conspiracy rumour exists that West doesn’t want our generation to grow.

outdoor advertisement

Sagely Media Consumption

It is important that we understand the media messages critically in order to discover the points of view that are embedded in them rather copying it straight away. Only those people, who can identify the hidden or missing perspective in any media message, can critically evaluate a media message. Critical evaluation of media messages can be done by first analyzing a message, identifying it’s true context, utilizing the prior knowledge and experience of life. Thus, It is really important that we understand the true meaning of a media message to act sagely while media consumption. 

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